Priyadarshini Group of Institutions, Nagpur

B.E., B.Tech, M.Tech, B.Arch.,

B.Pharm, M.Pharm, MBA,

D.Pharm, Diploma Engineering

Priyadarshini College of Engineering,

Near CRPF campus, Hingna Road, Nagpur

Priyadarshini Institute of Engineering & Technology,

Near CRPF campus, Hingna Road, Nagpur

Priyadarshini Indira Gandhi College of Engineering,

Near CRPF campus, Hingna Road, Nagpur

Priyadarshini Bhagwati College of Engineering,

Near Tajabagh, Umrer Road, Nagpur

Priyadarshini J. L. College of Engineering,

New Nandanwan, Nagpur

Lokmanya Tilak College of Engineering,

Sector-IV, KoperKhairne, Navi Mumbai

Priyadarshini Institute of Architecture & Design Studies,

Near CRPF campus, Hingna Road, Nagpur

Lokmanya Tilak Institute of Architecture & Design Studies,

Sector-IV, KoperKhairne, Navi Mumbai






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Soft Skills Training Department

Rational: Most engineers display excellent theoretical knowledge but when it comes to critical thinking, problem-solving, communicating and articulating, they lack basic analytical skills required for a job. NASSCOM-McKinsey report has said, “Currently only about 25 per cent of technical graduates and 10-15 per cent of general college graduates are suitable for employment”.


  1. To develop core competencies required for the industry such as communication skills and collaboration, leadership, creative thinking and problem-solving skills, personal management, the ability to work in teams or groups and leadership effectiveness.

  2. To develop general awareness of the facts, forming an opinion, articulating and presenting it in a manner that is appealing to the listener.

  3. To enhance their knowledge, skills and attitude, so that they become acceptable to the industry.

Training Modules 2015-16



Course Title


Level I

1st Year

Soft Skills Training (SST)


Level II

2nd Year

Employability Enhancement Training (EET)


Level III

3rd Year

Campus Recruitment Training (CRT)


Level IV

4th Year

Campus to Corporate Training (C2C)



Soft Skills Training (SST) includes:

Soft skills are those basic skills necessary for getting, keeping, and doing well in a job. It aims at overcoming Stage Fear, Developing Confidence, Communication Skills, Public Speaking Skills and Setting SMART Career Goals Grooming and Body language.

Employability Enhancement Training (EET) includes:

This training cover topics like: SWOT analysis, Effective Self Introduction, Group Discussions, Team Work, Resume writing, Interview Techniques, FAQs, Mock Interview, Letter and email writing.

Campus Recruitment Training (CRT) includes:

‘Aptitude test’ is the first step of placement drives. It comprise of core skills in the areas of Math, English language, Logic and Data Interpretation. CRT training is about enhancing aptitude through rigorous practice in Quantitative Techniques (QT), Logical Reasoning (LR) and Verbal Abilities (VA). It also includes:

Campus to Corporate Training (C2C) includes:

This training gives an insight into understanding specific industry needs and preparing students to get ready for it. It includes: IQ, SQ and EQ test, Personality test. Industry specific HR and Technical rounds, Interview mannerism and Corporate etiquettes.

A personality contest “YOUTH ICON-2015”- 60 seconds to fame, was organized at Priyadarshini College of Engineering under the very famous event Horizon 2015 for Engineering 1st year Students. The motive behind arranging the same was to get the best out of students in terms of their personality, creativity and talent. Students showcased their talents through mimicry, speech, songs, monoact, and poems and gave messages of gender equality, global warming, save girl child etc. RJ Neel from Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM interacted and appreciated the enthusiasm of the participants and made the atmosphere livelier.

Book Exhibition Corporate Commandos
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Priyadarshini Nagpur Public School,

Old Bagadganj, Bhandara Road, Nagpur-440008

Lokmanya Tilak International School,

Sector-IV, KoperKhairne, Navi Mumbai (India)






Priyadarshini J.L.Chaturvedi College of Pharmacy (Diploma)

New Nandanvan, Nagpur

Priyadarshini J.L.College Pharmacy (Digree)

Electronic Zone, Hingna Road, Nagpur






Priyadarshini Polytechnic

Hingna Road, Nagpur

Jyotiba College of Physical Education

Near CRPF Campus, Hingna Road, Nagpur






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